October 18, 2021

(From the archives of 2015)


“The Genius of the Light Bulb”

          The first cartoonist to draw a light bulb over a character’s head was a genius. A simple drawing and the reader knew an adventurous idea was about to unfold. Whether Olive Oyl devised a ploy to gain Popeye’s affection, Wiley Coyote to trap the Road Runner, or Sylvester the Cat to catch Tweety Bird, we knew by the light bulb over the character’s head a new, most often hapless, escapade was about to unfold. The light bulb came to signify a bright idea, but in the cartoon world, a not well-thought-out idea, one we have come to identify as being half-baked.

          We may at times mentally see ourselves as characters walking around with a light bulb above our heads, but what strength is the voltage—20 watt, 60, 100, or more? The higher the voltage, the brighter the idea, the better the outcome of the idea.

          It may appear all I ever learned was by watching cartoons! Not true, but it is a fun way to grasp what “seeing the light”, experiencing enlightenment entails. It is thought with the clearest understanding. It is an idea that goes beyond “pie in the sky”, wishful thinking. And it all starts with the clear understanding and acceptance of, faith in, and reliance on the first step in Spiritual Mind Treatment, or affirmative prayer: “There is but one Life; that Life is God’s Life and that Life is my life now.” 

          My mind, my consciousness is some part of God’s infinite mind, and when I identify with this greater mind, my ideas of greater ways to express come more readily and without strain. Ways to enact and enrich my life are revealed. I then truly see the light.

          Accept your relationship with your God of Light, your Way Shower, your Inner Power, and you will see the light bearer that you have become in your world.

          In Joy,

                   Rev. Pat