November 29, 2021

(From the archives of 2015)

“Change For the Highest and Best Good”

          An old German proverb says, “To change and to change for the better are two different things.”  We read the paper, watch TV “breaking news”, which in many cases is nothing more than thinly disguised negative talk shows, and we might very well ask, who needs this kind of entertainment?

          I know statistics can be manipulated, but I’ve heard several people quote that we are actually living in one of the most peaceful periods in recent history.  That news has not made headlines of late.  Who and what am I to believe? Rather than trying to see if such a statement is true, or who might have said it first, perhaps I can get my best answer by checking in with my higher Self.

          If I am finding myself more apprehensive, more fearful, more stressed, heavily influenced by negative information pouring in, rather than adding to such fear I must first be willing to be open to truth. Any change I wish to see or experience, it is up to me to see I am changing for the better. In other words, look for the good for a change.  Good really is out there and I find it by looking “in here”—within.   Peace, tolerance, good will, all these conditions are closer than our breath, in unlimited supply, waiting to be recognized and activated.

          With all the giving this season, let’s remember to give a little love, give a little joy, a little understanding, a little forgiveness. They don’t cost a dime and the supply is endless once we seek them out. And we won’t have to follow a star to find them for they all reside within our hearts. Simply make sure that whatever change you are seeking now and throughout the coming year is for the highest and best good for all people throughout the world.

          In Joy,


                   Rev. Pat


          My conscience reveals what is in my heart and together they reveal that love, peace, and joy all begin with me.




JEWELRY SALES: We are still holding our jewelry sales. We have many new pieces on the shelf, so stop by the display to see if there something you desperately need to add to your jewelry wardrobe.


CHAIR YOGA:  The Free weekly Chair Yoga class at 10AM on Wednesday. There is a sign-up sheet. You can call the center, 530-589-9719, to sign-up. Feel free to ask family and friends to join us.


SUNDAY SERVICE: Sunday, December 5, 2021, at 10:30am. Guest speaker will by Rev Pixie Dufour. The title of her message is “Guidance by God”. Jon Dufour will provide the music. Potluck will follow service. Birthday celebration for Devon and Honor Giardini, Jim Crawford, Andy Sumahit and Sandi Corkran.


CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATIONS: Sunday, December 5. Following service and potluck we will hold our annual Christmas tree decorating “party”.


BOARD MEETING: Monday, December 6, 2021 at 10am.



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