(From the archives of 2015)

One Becomes Two


          Woody Allen once said that when we’ve mastered Oneness, we move up to Twoness.  I thought it was a bit of his sometimes enigmatic humor.  I wasn’t aware of the context in which it was said so I haven’t a real clue as to what he was referring to.  But as I chewed over his words, the idea of our multiple selves showed up.

          We all experience multiple personalities which we prefer to recognize as a paradox.  We have beliefs that hold fear and hope and yet again, curiosity.  We make statements such as “pull yourself together”.  But who is this “yourself” we’re addressing? 

          Sometimes I sit and ask myself a simple question.  What do I really want to do now?  Not what I should be doing or need to do, but want to do.  In short order, after posing the question and then listening to my heart’s response, dreaming, imagining, the “thought police” show up reminding me of the clock, the “reality”, the practicality of time being wasted, etc.

          We seldom allow ourselves to continue to pursue why we’re not doing what we’d rather be doing.  However, if we did, we might discover some of the ways we’ve made compromises with the paradox of our lives:  Sailing in our own craft around the world wouldn’t be sensible, but doesn’t it sound exciting, adventurous?  Going back to school as a gray fox or senior citizen to earn that degree that was put on hold so long ago would be a waste of time and money, but does the possibility fill you with a sense of pride?  Putting aside money for the children or grandchildren is so generous and thoughtful, but wouldn’t it be grand to take the inside passage to Alaska, or view the pyramids along the Nile, as the song goes?

          Looking within at all our conflicting desires and how we’ve managed and yes, mismanaged a few at times, is like pulling ourselves together.  Often we can say that I once thought I wanted that but I’m glad I chose this.  Or maybe, I now choose to drop the present roadblock and pursue the dream I was always called to do.

          Maybe that’s what Woody Allen was saying.  When we choose self-honesty, we’re ready to move up to Twoness, accepting there’s a push and a pull within us all.

          In Joy,

                   Rev. Pat



"In the silence, I await Spirit to reveal clarity in these pursuits of my heart."



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