Welcome to the Oroville Center for Spiritual Living

All are welcome, and our doors are wide open to you.  We are a growing, loving center following the text and teachings of Ernest Holmes and the Science of Mind. We believe in the Universal Laws of Spirit and all of us are learning about the creative forces lying within each of us and which enter our experiences according to our faith, trust and belief.

Come join the fun, browse our bookstore and enjoy the family-style social gathering and refreshments!


Please feel free to call (530) 589-9719 or email us at: spiritoforo@gmail.com with any questions or counseling appointments. We have Practitioners eager to work with you and have ongoing classes and weekly events! 

Our Mission Statement:

We are a community that inspires and supports personal growth in a setting of safety, sharing and learning that leads to spiritual awareness for all.



  • WE BELIEVE: God is all there is! God is the infinite power and presence of all life!
  • WE BELIEVE: God is within! Recognizing my oneness with all life, I heal the doubt and disbelief that separates me from my good.
  • WE BELIEVE: in the power of prayer! Prayer can heal and multiply my JOY!
  • WE BELIEVE: in the natural goodness of life! The universe conspires to fulfill my greatest good.
  • WE BELIEVE: there is no end to our blessings! Heaven is a state of mind; I experience heaven to the degree I become conscious of it in my life now.
  • WE BELIEVE: there is a Power for Good in the universe and we can use it.
  • WE BELIEVE: in the eternal Goodness, the eternal Loving-kindness and the eternal Givingness of Life to all.